Earrings Colour Gold Rose Heather

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  • Collection: Louise Kragh
  • Country of Origin: Denmark
  • Materials: sterling silver, 24 carat gold, porcelain
  • Finish: 24-carat gold gilding
  • Length: 9 cm
  • Weight: 2 x 3 g

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Earrings Colour Gold Rose Heather | Louise Kragh

These earrings are in the shape of a hoop with porcelain beads hung in staggered rows on individual chains. Each loop has three suspended and coloured beads, two pink and one heather. These fabulous earrings are eye-catching in colour and movement, yet light and comfortable. The hoops are easy to place and hook through a loop at one end. Handcrafted, each bead has its unique shape and colour and over time you will notice the surface cracking due to its manufacturing process and therefore the earrings will develop a more personal character.

The signature of the jewels created by Louise Kragh is especially the use of porcelain, in the form of fine beads rolled by hand then glazed in the oven. The designer makes her jewellery from carefully selected materials and uses only 925 silver and 24 carat gold for the high quality gilding. The materials are continuously tested and comply with strict Danish requirements. Louise Kragh is herself a member of the Precious Metals Control.

Louise Kragh releases four collections a year.

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