Necklace Red Apple Pendant
1805 STORY

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  • Collection: 1805 Story by Kulmala
  • Country of origin: Finland
  • Material: sterling silver
  • Pendent size: 6,5 x 11 mm
  • Chain length: 42 cm

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Necklace Red Apple Pendant | 1805 Story by Goldsmith Kulmala

I’ll have to at least try,” Goldsmith says to herself and enters the shack. She starts packing a bag, stuffing in the old shabby hat, the jewellery book and shiny red apples from a lone tree in the forest. She wraps an old, broken pocketwatch in a soft handkerchief and gently places it at the bottom of the bag.”

1805 is much more than a jewellery collection. It is a magical universe where vulnerability is an asset, the courage to let go is a strength, and compassion is a guard against complacency, numbness and fear.

The mythical universe becomes reality through an interactive book. The story, published chapter by chapter online, paints a picture of Goldsmith’s journey into the art of jewellery. Each jewel comes with a code that allows the reader to interact with the story and take a deeper look.

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