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Behind the Finnish 1805 Story brand is Goldsmith Kulmala, a renowned silversmith’s workshop based in Helsinki, Finland.
1805 Story is inspired by mythology, the symbolism of fairy tales and the wild beauty of northern nature. The jewellery in the collection is mainly made of 925 silver, other materials such as 14-carat gold, bronze and precious stones are integrated into some pieces.


“I have heard that memories are kept somewhere, glowing and clear. The gate will open once again when enough memories are awakened.”

1805 Story

The jewellery in the 1805 Story collection has been carefully designed and conceived with reference to characters inspired by childhood myths and legends. Of course, each piece invites a personal interpretation that best suits everyone’s experience.

These interpretations are guided by the mythical world of Goldsmith, the main character in the story. Because 1805 Story is not just a collection of jewellery. It is also a story, a book to be read online, in which each piece of jewellery plays a complex role throughout the story. It is a fairy tale about a goldsmith’s journey to the art of jewellery. But also to the past, present and future that could have been.

As the story progresses, Goldsmith learns to master his skills. This is how she discovered the power to tell stories and memories that materialize in the form of jewellery. These are the jewels from the 1805 Story collection.

You will receive with each piece of jewellery a code that allows you to accompany Goldsmith on his deep and magical journey. Each piece in the collection plays an essential role in this.

The 1805 jewellery collection was born from the idea of making jewellery that tells a story. All the pieces in the collection are handcrafted in Kulmala’s workshop in Helsinki, Finland.

So let yourself be carried away into the wonderful world of 1805 Story. This collection will seduce you with its aesthetics, symbolism and history.

1805 Story
1805 Story
1805 Story
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