Necklace Magnifying Crystal Pendant
1805 STORY

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  • Collection: 1805 Story by Kulmala
  • Country of origin: Finland
  • Material: partially oxidised sterling silver, bronze, rock crystal
  • Dimensions: 35 x 64 mm
  • Chain length: 80 cm

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Magnifying Crystal | 1805 Story by Goldsmith Kulmala “Through the hole Goldsmith sees a small round room, with a pedestal at the centre. The pedestal is covered with a shimmering glass dome, within which lies a peculiar, round glass object. The light reflected in it sends sparks around the room, flying like little shining butterflies.” When your vision feels blurred and your perspective warped, look for new points-of-view. A wider outlook brings wisdom with it. Reach for this Magnifying Crystal when you need to focus your view or broaden your horizons. 1805 is much more than a jewellery collection. It is a magical universe where vulnerability is an asset, the courage to let go is a strength, and compassion is a guard against complacency, numbness and fear. The mythical universe becomes reality through an interactive book. The story, published chapter by chapter online, paints a picture of Goldsmith’s journey into the art of jewellery. Each jewel comes with a code that allows the reader to interact with the story and take a deeper look. 1805 Story – the brand 1805 Story – our selection